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Our friends at the 4A's called us back to photograph their 4A's Pr Conference and reception in New York City. The conference drew a crowd of 200 marketing journalists, marketers and PR practitioners who gathered to discuss best practices for reputation management through internal and external marketing programs, social media, sponsorship, cause marketing, and brand journalism, among many other topics.
2012-04-25@17-43-212012-04-25@18-10-202012-04-25@19-56-59CMOs Speak Out - 005Welcome from PR Committee Co-Chairs - 005Tomorrow's PR Professional - 048Tomorrow's PR Professional - 004Tomorrow's PR Professional - 023Tomorrow's PR Professional - 027Brand Evangelism - 013PR Power - 009The New Land Grab - 008Navigating the New Normal - 042Navigating the New Normal - 052Breaks - 004Insights on the Future of Media - 031Insights on the Future of Media - 033Trends in Business News - 050Breaks - 006Breaks - 007